What started as a sister and sister team has now evolved into a mother and daughter team. Meet the design duo.

Janna Lund

With twenty plus years of design experience, Janna Lund Rodgers incorporates design into her way of living. From hosting to cooking to designing, Janna believes it is all about the presentation. She fills her home with modern art and unconventional patterns, while grounding each room with classic European furniture. Janna believes in combining timeless pieces with the unexpected accessory - she wants the homes she designs to be livable and lively. From where to hammer the nail to the fresh cut flowers on the table, Janna is detail oriented, as seen in her aesthetic.


MacKenzie Doane

MacKenzie Doane brings beauty and function into each home she designs. She aims to create livable spaces and to enhance her client's own style. With a somewhat irreverent approach to design, MacKenzie is able to blend timeless European pieces with an unexpected modern twist. Her keen eye combines traditional elegance with modern accents. Her aesthetic is ever evolving but is grounded in classic pieces that will never age.